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We are a United Group of Combat Martial Artists who have come together to form an Alliance to continue the growth in traditional combat martial arts. The instructors of UCMAA have one goal in mind. To share what we have learned and to train our students to be better than we are. 

Our Goals

  • Encourage, regulate, and support training in traditional martial arts.
  • Promote, encourage, and support public awareness of and participation in self-defense training.
  • Encourage, regulate, and support competition on the regional and national levels.

Description of Our Arts

Jujutsu – The “Gentle Art” of the Samurai is a comprehensive art. Its techniques include blocking, striking, kicking, joint locks, chokes, body contact throws, and joint lock throws.

Karate – An Okinawan art with emphasis on striking and kicking. Kata (forms) training, in tandem with bunkai (interpretation of techniques in a form), provides the practitioner with insights into self-defense. Techniques include joint locks and throws.

Judo – The “Gentle Way” is an art derived from Jujutsu. It emphasizes throwing, grappling, and locking techniques.

Kempojutsu – A Japanese art which emphasizes punching, striking, and kicking, but also utilizes grappling, joint locks, and throws.

Iaijutsu – A Japanese sword art, literally the “Art of Presence in the Moment.” As taught in the UCMAA, it involves both Kenjutsu (Art of the Sword) and Batto-Ho (Methods of rapidly drawing the Sword). It is the art of being aware and able to respond quickly to an attack.

Kobujutsu – The “Art of Weapons.” It involves training with and mastering weapons of Okinawa, such as tonfa, sai, nunchaku, and eku (boat oar), as well as training with and mastering weapons of Japan, including rokushaku bo (six foot staff), hanbo (three foot staff), yari (spear), naginata (halberd).

Aikijujutsu – A Jujutsu art which emphasizes the principle of Aiki, that is, harmonizing one's energy with an opponent. Emphasis is placed on joint locks and throws.

Toide – The Okinawan art of joint locking and throwing techniques. Technically, Toide is similar to Japanese Jujutsu, however, the methods of entry into techniques differs greatly due to the influence of its sister art, Karate.


UCMAA Board Members

Joey Harvey; 10 Dan, President 
Jose Monegro; 7 Dan, Vice President
Paul Mathews; 10 Dan, Secretary
Stevie Tillson; 10 Dan, Treasurer
Jimmy Gauthier; 10 Dan
Kirby Roy; 10 Dan, 
John Allen; 10 Dan
Jeff Marien; 9 Dan
Cheryll Whigham 5 Dan
Anita Harvey 5th Dan
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Arts Taught By UCMAA

Naishin Ryu Jujutsu
Naishin Ryu Judo
Naishin Ryu Karate
Naishin Ryu Kempo
Naishin Ryu Iaijutsu
Naishin Ryu Kobujutsu
Naishin Ryu AikiJujutsu
Naishin Ryu Toide
Naishin Ryu KiJutsu
Naishin Ryu GoshinJutsu

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Stay up-to-date with the latest news from the United Combat Martial Arts Alliance.
In our quarterly newsletter, you will find a message from our president, recent news, upcoming events, Dojo locations and more.

Quarterly Newsletter (PDF)

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Events & Seminars

  • Apr 5-6: Jupiter Traditional Martial Arts TBA Jupiter Florida
  • May 11: Iai jutsu/Ken jutsu 9:00-3:30 Menard High School (La.)
  • June 15: Bo jutsu/Karate jutsu TBA Menard High School (La.)
  • Aug 10: Naishin Ryu Toide 9:00-4:00 WLJTA Leesville, LA
  • Oct. 12-13: UCMAA National Seminar TBA Pineville, Louisiana
  • Nov 09: Integrated Submission Grappling 9:00-4:00 WLJTA Leesville, LA/Savate Thai Cross Training
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Dojo Locations

Avoyelles Martial Arts Center Marksville, LA

Instructors: Stevie Tillson (10th Judan) Sean Mayeux (6th Rokudan) & Charles Charrier (1st Shodan)
UCMAA Arts Taught: Naishin Ryu Judo, Naishin Ryu Karate, Naishin Ryu GoshinJutsu, Naishin Ryu KiJutsu

White Tiger Academy Florida

Instructors: Jose L. Monegro (6th Rokudan) Joey Stokes (3rd Sandan) & Roberto Guzman (2nd NiDan)
UCMAA Arts Taught: Naishin Ryu Karate, Naishin Ryu GoshinJutsu, Naishin Ryu IaiJutsu, Naishin Ryu Kempo, Naishin Ryu KobuJutsu
352-428-3727 | therisensonmac@hotmail.com

Hessmer Martial Arts Hessmer, LA

Instructors: Kirby Roy (10 Judan) & Jimmy Gauthier (10Judan)
UCMAA Arts Taught: Naishin Ryu Jutsu, Naishin Ryu GoshinJutsu, Naishin Ryu IaiJutsu, Naishin Ryu Kempo, Naishin Ryu KobuJutsu Naishin Ryu KiJutsu
318-563-1076 | kirbyroy54@gmail.com

West Louisiana Jujutsu Training Academy Leesville / Fort Johnson, LA 

Instructors: Joey Harvey (10th Judan) Anita Harvey (5th Godan) Glenn Cooley (4th Dan Yondan) Larry Beall (3rd Sandan)Scott Dixon (2nd Dan Nidan) Artie Lyons (2nd Dan Nidan) Adrian Richard (2nd Dan Nidan) & Hope Dixon (1st Dan Shodan)
UCMAA Arts Taught: Naishin Ryu Jujutsu, Naishin Ryu Toide, Naishin Ryu KiJutsu, Naishin Ryu Iaijutsu, Naishin Ryu Kobujutsu, Naishin Ryu Kempo Jutsu.
Other Arts Taught: Intergrated Submission Grappling (bjj, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Sambo, Catch Wrestling, Japanese Shooto)
Savate Thai Crosstraining (Boxing, Juan Fan Kickboxing, Fillipino Dirty Boxing, Muay Thai, French Savate)
337-375-7371  www.wljta.com

Niryushin Dojo Alexandria, LA

Instructors: Paul L. Mathews (9th Kyudan) Jeff A. Marien (9th Kyudan)
UCMAA Arts Taught: Naishin Ryu Jujutsu, Naishin Ryu Karate, Naishin Ryu Iaijutsu, Naishin Ryu Kobujutsu, Naishin Ryu Kempo, Naishin Ryu KiJutsu
318-619-9406 | plmathews1387@gmail.com

Shizen Academy of Martial Arts Chicago, IL

Instructors: Mark Sheldon Hale
UCMAA Arts Taught: Naishin Ryu Goshinjutsu
Other Arts Taught: Budo Taijutsu, Shaolin Hunyuan Yi Qigong
708-846-3075 | blackbear99@outlook.com

Green Dragon Dojo Florida
Instructors: Donny Lambert, Donny Lambert Jr
UCMAA Arts Taught 

Neathamer Training Consultants, California
Instructors: Dal / Corina Neathamer 

Florida Aiki-Jujutsu
Instructor: Cheryll Whigham (5th Dan Godan) Chris Bursk ( 3rd Dan Sandan)

JTMA Dojo, Florida
Kevin Fruge, Howard Freedland

New Orleans Judo 
Vernon Schlief    

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